Why Blogger?

8 reasons why many have chosen Blogger as their Blog Site, Small Business Web Site and even E-commerce website:

  1. Simplest and easiest Content Management System (CMS) ever
    Easy to manage, maintain and update web contents, web parts, theme and layout by those who do not have technical skills.
  2. Your own Domain Name
    It can be converted into your own www.yourcompanyname.com with zero frustration and hassle through the services provided by Google.
  3. Flexible and highly customizable templates and layouts
    These include replacing the Blogger's default favicon to your own company logo (branding icon that appears on your visitor's browser tab) and hiding the Blogger's default top navigation bar.
  4. Support wide variety of Widgets
    Blogger supports wide variety of Social Media widgets and other third parties' gadgets that can be easily added to your site to enrich your content and gain more attractions.
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly
    As Blogger also owned by Google, not to mention about its support to SEO. Webmasters only require little effort to make their website visible to many major search engines like Bing and Yahoo, not just Google.
  6. Make money through integration with Google AdSense
    With great integration with AdSense, site owner can earn extra money by placing third parties' advertisements on their Blogger website. The advertisements are highly customizable to match your website theme.
  7. Built-in Site Traffic Analytic Tools
    Without any technical knowledge in linking your Blogger site to Google Analytics and other third party traffic analysis services, Blogger provides you a simple yet sufficient site traffic statistic for your to study your website performance and hence take appropriate actions for improvement.
  8. Blogger is FREE!
    Best of all, Blogger is free with great freedom for you to unleash your full potential and creativity! You don't even need to worry about choosing a right web hosting company to guarantee the reliability and up-time of your website! 

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