Friday, January 20, 2012

SEO: Prioritize Tasks for Productivity & ROI

How to prioritize your SEO tasks in maximizing productivity and ROI

By Antonio Ooi

One of the major tasks that tend to be neglected by most webmasters is SEO Tasks Prioritization. Its importance may not be visible to small website with less than 30 pages but it will be a great importance for medium to large website from 100 to 1,000 products and services pages or even more. Unless the company hired a great number of webmasters to work on their website, otherwise SEO productivity can be a major killer to company's ROI out of their Internet Marketing investment and monthly expenses -- It's simply taking too long for sales conversion with such a huge investment! If your company can't afford to hire more webmasters, which can only increase its monthly costs in return, then prioritize your tasks in the most optimum and productive way!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

SEO: Increase Google Position Rank in 3 Days

SEO: Google Position Rank Tremendously Increased in 3 Days!

SEO Position Rank increased with Web CEO
Figure 1.0
We're shocked after watching the search result position ranking of some of our web pages increased tremendously on Google Malaysia search engine after running the desktop Web CEO rank checker (see Figure 1.0). Some of these pages, which earlier used to be on page 5 or beyond, now immediately jumped to position #1! We later discovered that what Web CEO advised us was true: our <title> tag does not come immediately after the <head> tag!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

How Google+ Affects SEO

How Google Plus Affect SEO - OTK Blogger Web Design

How Google+ Affects SEO

By Antonio Ooi
When a social network creator is also a search engine creator, a biased search engine privilege will definitely be given to their own social network services unless the search engine creator is dumb; but too bad, dumb people are less likely to be able to create a search engine anyway. You also can’t complain about their biasness as this is how the system of competition being designed to work anyway – they’ll definitely tell you that they never point a gun on your head and force you to choose their products and services. But if you try not to choose any of them, a gun may come to you, not from the corporations but from the government instead – You’re not authorized to gain access to these natural resources. They’re either public (government) properties or private (corporations) properties – not a human property.

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