Sunday, January 15, 2012

SEO: Increase Google Position Rank in 3 Days

SEO: Google Position Rank Tremendously Increased in 3 Days!

SEO Position Rank increased with Web CEO
Figure 1.0
We're shocked after watching the search result position ranking of some of our web pages increased tremendously on Google Malaysia search engine after running the desktop Web CEO rank checker (see Figure 1.0). Some of these pages, which earlier used to be on page 5 or beyond, now immediately jumped to position #1! We later discovered that what Web CEO advised us was true: our <title> tag does not come immediately after the <head> tag!

As you know, we're using Blogger as our major web design platform for our clients and in particular. By default, Blogger templates tend to add some other codes right after the <head> tag, such as some javascripts. After noticing this, we adjusted them according to Web CEO's advice and resubmit our sitemap (XML feed) to the Google Webmaster Tools. 3 days later, boomed! -- This result came out! Due to the reason that such adjustment was being made on Blogger template, which is global, all other pages automatically benefited from this adjustment. The picture shown on this post was actually taken from's scenario.

Of course, we also did some other SEO changes based on the Web CEO's generated audit report:
  • Bold every high ranking keyword.
  • Fixed some broken links.
  • Added some of the omitted image alt.
  • Make some of the high ranking keywords a link to our internal page.
  • Changed page URLs to contain high ranking keywords and shortened the URLs by throwing away those less important words.
Due to short of time, I can't share much in this post; but I will try to share more in-depth tips & tricks with you guys on SEO and Web CEO somewhere in the near future when time allowed. Feel free to follow us on Facebook or Twitter if you want to catch up with our future updates. Just go ahead and try out Web CEO if you have not done so. You can download the 15-day trial version to try it out yourself first. If you find it useful, you can always come back to our website again and click on the Web CEO ad on our sidebar to get your free $50 coupon.

Good luck guys!
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