Sunday, October 9, 2011

Best Value in Price & Quality? How?

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What it takes to enable us to provide Best Value in Price & Quality to our customers?

If you’re Malaysian, you may agree with me that majority of Malaysians have such an attitude when comes to pricing: “Pan Gi Ko Tua Te”, namely, they always strive to look for the cheapest yet the best. But in reality, I believe that so long you’re human being living in the monetary world, everyone may have the same thinking too – Best value in price and quality. However, this is just a consumer perspective; perhaps we might want to think:
  • Is this really possible for the merchants or service providers to do that?
  • What would it take for them to achieve this kind of attraction to their customers without lying?
To other local web designers, I’m not sure; but to me, I can afford to do that – why?
  1. I’m doing SOHO (Small Office, Home Office). I don’t have to pay for my office rental other than my home rental, which is only RM280.00 per month.
  2. I don’t hire people and I don’t have to pay salary to others. I have all the skills and knowledge that I need to provide the BEST VALUE to my customers versus the pricing that I’m currently offering.
  3. I don’t have family commitment – Yes, I’m still single! ^^
  4. I’m debt free, not even the credit cards.
  5. Last but not least, I enjoy my work as much as my simple greedless life! To me this is important for ones to live happily in life. While some may have such similar conditions and abilities to deliver the same joy to their customers, their greediness destroys this great opportunity, completely!
Our greed causes us to stack up our debts; our greed causes us to accumulate tons of commitment until we no longer able to take it and responsible for it; and most importantly, our greed allows those who are in power, typically the globalists, to capitalize it, abuse it, and take advantage of it to make greedy a necessity and a NORM for us to survive! This is why you think that taking loan in buying car is normal; taking loan in buying house is normal; carrying an expensive and stylish mobile phone in matching your social status or occupation is necessary although you may not know how to fully utilize all its functions and features or you may not need all the features provided by it.
So now I ask you:
  • How can you get the best value in price versus quality when you need to pay for their loan and loan interests as well besides yours?
  • How can you get the best value in price versus quality when you need to bear some of their family commitments besides yours?
  • How can you get the best value in price versus quality when you need to pay for their luxury bungalows, limousines, private jet and clubs besides…they can NEVER BE YOURS?
Therefore, in this monetary world in general and recent bad economy downturn in particular, it’s almost impossible for everyone to deliver best value in price services and products except a lie. This lie had been so successful over the decades because everybody is lying to him/herself besides using the same lie on others. Perhaps some of you may think that I’m a little too harsh on my blog here and my tone is too heavy for many to swallow, not to mention about getting people buying my web design services; but let me tell you the truth: I prefer people to buy my wisdom, not my lies.

How to enable yourself to deliver Best Value in Price and Quality in order for you to stay competitive in the market?

Of course some may find themselves difficult to accept what I have to say, but I believe, some do. If you really want to free from modern slavery and to be independent, I can share of my ideas with you – provided you can take the challenge:
  1. Gain solid skills through your employment experience where such a skill alone must have some reasonable amount of demands that allow you to open your own small business, e.g. web design, SEO or even being a passionate hawker! In the meantime, save more money out of your monthly salary for your future plan, e.g. an amount of savings that enables you to cater for your 2 years monthly rental even any business income.
  2. Either true love or sorry! If you really need a companion, get one who is truly love you and has some social understanding – those who can accept your wisdom and life philosophy, not just intelligence. Those who never ask for anything, not even your love except your passion to make the world better! [Yes, I’m serious.]
  3. Stop taking loans and credit cards! This is one of the key factors that allows you offer unbeatable price to your clients – without FEAR. If your parents or sibling never mind about having you staying together with them and most importantly, you can get along well with them, just go ahead and stay with them. Don’t take mortgage. If you can find a low-cost apartment whose monthly rental is significantly cheaper than paying an instalment for a same low-cost apartment for 20 to 30 years, go ahead and rent it! Don’t listen to those who told you that paying for rental isn’t worth as the house still isn’t yours! Why? Through cheap rental, you have no risk in case your business failed! You can still temporarily stay with your parents, your siblings or your close friends without going bankruptcy and losing all your freedom! Another advantage is, when you have no risk, you have no fear; when you have no fear, you don’t have to bow to your customers and lose all your self-respects. But what if you business is successful? – You buy with CASH, no loan, no interests; but the banks need to pay you interest instead for your fixed deposit. ^^
  4. Grow your own food! Plant your own fruits and vegetables whenever possible. This will save you a lot besides giving you more healthy food! Learn to cook for yourself as well – you’ll be surprised with your talent of cooking like never before! :)
  5. Wash your own clothes – with hands! Well this is what I’m doing now although you may not want to follow, haha! Why I choose to hand-wash my clothes? First, this saves me a lot of money for the laundry; second, I don’t have to spend money buying expensive washing machine and pay for additional electricity; thirdly, I still have time for my body workout while busy with my web design work. One stone kills 3 birds! ^^
That’s all as of now. I hope you’ll find the above tips helpful to you, not only to equip yourself with solid conditions to deliver best value versus pricing to your customers but also for your self-sustainability, freedom and spiritual advancement. Namaste. (-.-)
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